Vacation Mudslide: Why Is It So Hard To Get Away?

Working form home makes getting away on vacay harder than ever. And of course everyone has caught a cold…So, we leave for Central America in two days! Judging from the replies to my previous blog entry regarding adults trying to enforce adults-only resort ethos on pre-existing upscale family resorts with kids’ camps, I have a few things to say:

1. People who don’t like kids on vacation also have poor reading comprehension skills (ie. me saying don’t try to rig TripAdvisor ratings to say a resort with a pre-existing kids’ sea camp is “not suitable for families with small children” or “not suitable for families with teens”, is not the same as me saying “Hey, child-free condo dwellers, me and my 6-year-old are crashing your Hedonism resort! in friggin’ Cancun” But, I digress.), and

2. These non-kid-carrying people have the spare time to cultivate their voodoo doll-making skills, and have sent me mucho bad vibes that have cursed my pre-trip planning.

Everyone in my household has a cold. Work that I thought was done keeps coming back to me, in reams. Luggage that was supposedly good to go now has cat barf on it. The barf is seeping into the nylon. There are two plastic, easy-wipe Heys cases, but the cat picked the nylon rip-stop one to barf onto. Then I think she mashed it in with her little paws.

Also, I think it must be some kind of universal law that if you work from home, you don’t go on vacation. Ever. Working in an office, when I was gone, I was gone. Working from home, I am always working. I cleared my week of EVERYTHING, so I could get ready for the trip, and so far I have been working 10 hour days clearing my desk of writing assignments, and taking on new work that people promise I’ll have done overnight (“Easy money!” they say). It never stops.

I was driving to The Home Depot at 10 pm last night in a snow storm trying to find a copy of Better Homes and Gardens so I could rip off its editorial style for an advertorial piece I am writing and which will be placed in an upcoming issue. (Note to consumers: yes, we are trying to make it even harder, and harder, and harder, for you to know when a story is advertorial or editorial.) My problem is, I don’t know when to say no. Anyway, looks like the laptop is coming on vacay w/ us.

Actually no, I’ll leave it behind. I’m debating leaving the digital camera home, too. I like taking snaps, but on the other hand, I’m thinking it’s more fun to actually be in the middle of things, not off to the side shooting it.