TLC Diet

Dieting is often considered by many to be following certain fads, as it mainly involves watching the food that one eats depending on the latest discoveries in the health and wellness industry. While some of these trends on dieting often fail to work for some, a great deal do so, with the TLC Diet being one example of such.

What is it all About?

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet, also known as the TLC diet, is a low fat and low cholesterol diet developed by the National Cholesterol Education Program. NECP developed the diet so that medical professionals can recommend it their patients who want to lower their cholesterol levels. This diet plan puts emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices; it does not remove carbohydrates or fat from a person’s diet and instead encourages a person to eat healthy carbohydrates (ex. whole wheat products) and healthy fats (ex. olive oil).


It recommends that a person eats complex carbohydrates which include pasta, whole wheat bread and dry cereals. Sugary foods with saturated fat like cookies or pastries must be avoided. Carbohydrates should make up 50 to 60% of your total calorie intake.


It also recommend that you can get your protein from fish, lean meats like skinless chicken or turkey breasts, tofu and egg whites. Protein should make up 15% of your total calorie intake.


According to the diet, there are two types of fat: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat is also called bad fat and should be avoided. This comes from whole milk dairy products, fatty meats and fried food. The amount of saturated fat you are allowed to take is about 7%. On the other hand, unsaturated fat is also called the good fat because they lower a person’s cholesterol levels. You can get unsaturated fat from vegetable oil and margarine. The amount of unsaturated fat you are allowed to take is about 20 to 30% of your total calorie intake.

Fruits and Vegetables

It dictates that you eat at least 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. If you are going to eat a salad, use low-fat dressing or low-fat mayonnaise. You can also add more flavor to your salad by using herbs and spices.

Other Recommendations

The TLC diet says that you should limit your sodium intake to 2400 milligrams or less a day. It also recommends that you eat a lot of soluble fiber which can be found in oatmeal and bran. This can help lower your cholesterol levels.

Other than changes in eating habits, this plan also encourages weight management. Weight loss can help lower cholesterol levels and lessen the risk of having heart diseases. It also encourages a person to have a regular physical activity of some sort. You should this physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day.

The TLC is recommended for people who are at risk from having a heart disease. The diet aims to lower a person’s low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) levels and prevent the buildup of plaque in the arteries that can cause heart attacks.

Before you go on this program, consult your physician and dietician first so you can make your personal eating plan and know what your goals are.

Why Should a Diabetic Patient Follow a TLC Diet ?

It is a safe system that is highly recommended to diabetic patients who suffer abnormal cholesterol levels. TLC diet suggests a person to keep away from foods full of high levels of cholesterol and helps him/her to lose weight in the safest way possible. It imposes certain restrictions on foods as well as activities that require physical power. Diabetic suffers, who are on this healthy diet, can do physical activities; however, they have to keep from activities that require a lot of physical effort. Here, we are with fundamental information, which is of immense importance for diabetic sufferers. Read up on this article and keep these pointers in your mind.

If a diabetic patient has a high level of blood cholesterol, the chances of heart diseases mount up. In such conditions, it is recommended to increase the intake of soluble fiber foods and adopt a diet free of cholesterol, as it can help the diabetic patient to prevent the blood sugar levels from rising. Such products consist of food items like salad dressings as well as margarines that is composed of plant sterol esters. Despite following the above-mentioned pieces of advice, if the cholesterol level is still at the same level and not going down, you should check with your doctor right away, get his prescription, and eat only those foods allowed by TLC diet in order to reduce cholesterol levels.

Another important thing that the diabetic patent should keep in mind is the intake of low carbohydrate diet. The patients should consume limited amount of carbohydrates in order to make sure that the daily usages of calories is within limits. Moreover, it is most advisable for the patient to eat foods heavy with fiber; normally, it is prescribed to consume 20 to 30 grams each day as TLC diet. The foods that are rich in fiber include beans, barley, oats and wheat. Foods rich in fiber are required in order to get nutritional elements that can boost the production process of insulin. Moreover, the plan prescribes intake of lean protein; normally 15 to 20% of calories daily. It is extremely important for a diabetic sufferer to sustain cholesterol consumption and restrict it to 200 mgs maximum in a day.

Now, let us have a look at some guideline on TLC plan. Consume saturated fat to acquire up to 7% calories. 25 to 35% of total calories can be obtained from fat. Less than 200 Milligrams of cholesterol food. Less than 2400 Milligrams of sodium consumption. Less than 10 percent of unsaturated fats and less than 20 percent of mono-unsaturated fats.

The required calorie level should be determined after consulting a qualified doctor. Keeping the given pointers in mind and following the diet properly, a diabetic patient can reduce the levels of cholesterol and help you shed body weight. We hope this guide is helpful for you.

Conclusion: Tips for Food Intake

There should be a strictly followed TLC Diet intake for one to actually work on living up to what the body needs to allow for cholesterol watching. Beans, eggs, and nuts make for a great way to allow for alleviating hunger pains, and meat should be taken in the form of poultry or fish, which should be served dry and steamed. This will ensure that the plan recommended levels for cholesterol intake will be followed. Of course, one should not overeat as well to avoid exceeding the limit.

Such other food that one can look into would be a great number of greens, which will not only help with the TLC Diet as they would flush out the unnecessary toxins that work against a healthy bodily system but would also provide the necessary vitamins needed for such. Fruits and vegetables make for a great contribution when it comes to this diet plan, as they will not promote unhealthy elements into entering the body and they rarely come with high levels of cholesterol.

The body needs healthy oils to function as well, so it will have one taking in good ones such as the ones from fish, which is Omega 3. Other TLC friendly oils will be olive oil for cooking, which should always be used in case something needs to be fried.