Thick White Discharge

Thick white discharge can occur during pregnancy, but it can occur without any obvious cause. In almost all cases, it is a sign of a starting yeast infection. This can be easily determined by the smell of the discharge. If it has a yeast or bread smell, this is a clear sign that a yeast infection is causing it.

What Exactly Causes and How to Stop it

In case, you discover that you have been getting a thick white discharge, then you must know that it is one of the symptoms of yeast infection. This is caused due to overgrowth of Candida. If your body is weak enough to protect itself against this infection, it results in its increased overgrowth. Your body can show vulnerability against bacterial infection if you have been taking antibiotics, or even if you are on oral contraceptives, or perhaps you consume food products that are rich in sugar and have decreased vitamins and minerals or perhaps in case you are dealing with a traumatic period. Unluckily, any of these causes may not only lead to this type of discharge and pain but also many other signs of candidacies.

Now you know a milky discharge that is thick is usually caused by a yeast infection. Usually, the discharge signals the beginning of the infection. Fortunately, it can be dealt with very quickly and at home. The sooner you start treating it, the easier it is to get rid of.

There aren’t many other possible causes. Pregnant women can occasionally experience it as a result of a hormonal change, but if that is the case it will usually last less than 24 hours. Usually, going to a doctor is not necessary, unless you have other symptoms. If the infection is getting worse, you will start experiencing itching and an uncomfortable sensation. All cases of the smelly discharge can be easily addressed by fixing the beginning infection. The discharge can stop on its own, but that can take a long time and the infection can easily get worse. If you are worried that your discharge may be serious, there is little evidence to support that. It is usually just a sign of a minor yeast infection.

Is it Dangerous?

How to Treat

This vaginal discharge generally happens to be odorless and appears similar to cottage cheese, which causes extreme irritation as well as discomfort, inflammation and soreness of the vaginal area. Furthermore, it can even result in a inflammation while peeing as well as soreness in the course of love making.

Now, let us discuss some of the remedies for white thick discharge as well as pain:

In case, this is the first time you are suffering from yeast infection, the drugs prescribed by the doctor may help you. But, if you are prone to it and keep getting it back, after some time you will observe that the prescription has stopped functioning. This happens due to the fact that they basically do not cure the primary reason for the problem but just the signs.

If you want to put an end to these infections, it is advised to make use of apple cider vinegar as well as garlic. Take frequent apple cider vinegar baths and use raw garlic clove as insertions. This happens to be really helpful.

In common, medication is not necessary for dealing with the discharge. Yeast infections can often be corrected by improving the balance of healthy bacteria in the body. Eating more yogurt is a common way to deal with the infection. So you can introduce fat free yogurt into your diet plan and this is definitely going to keep the vaginal discharge away. Its natural components will help you keep away the bacterial infections in a great way. Moreover, if you reduce your intake of sugary foods, shortly enough you would be able to get rid of the rest of the symptoms of yeast infection as well.

If you follow the above given regime, it will not take you long to get rid of this bacterial infection. Simply adhere to a fine health program, concentrate on cutting down your sugary foods and alcohol intake and make use of garlic and vinegar treatments and you will definitely get through the vaginal discharge and pain.