The Hormone Diet: 10 Simple Tips For Health And Happiness

Natasha Turner, N.D. is a Toronto-based naturopathic doctor. She is the founder of the Clear Medicine wellness boutique and author of the bestselling book The Hormone Diet. In her column, Dr. Turner advises readers on how to remedy common health issues as well as improve their overall health.

Sage advice on staying healthy and coping with the stresses of life

1. Sleep 7.5 to 9 hours per night in pitch black. Making sleep a priority pays off. For example, research shows that students have better recall on test day if they choose to avoid staying up late the night before.

2. Take a fish oil supplement everyday to keep your mind and memory sharp. The optimal dose is 1 teaspoon or 3 capsules with food. Keep your capsules in the freezer and take them with food if they “repeat” on you.

3. Pay attention to the ingredients in your skincare and makeup products. Avoid those which contain proplyparabens and methylparabens. Burt’s Bees is a good choice and it is readily available in most Shopper’s Drug Marts or health food stores.

4. Avoid drinking water out of plastic bottles and never microwave anything in Styrofoam or plastic containers. Purchase glass containers for your food storage. This will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals present in plastics.

5. Prevent colds and flu’s by washing your hands frequently, taking extra vitamin C during times of stress and eating ½ cup of plain yogurt daily. The yogurt contains healthy bacteria that live in your digestive tract. Sixty percent of your immune system is around your digestive tract, so healthy digestion means healthy immunity.

6. For fatigue and stress associated with studying use the homeopathic remedy Kali Phos 6C – 4 pellets under your tongue. It will reduce tension, improve performance under stress and can help you to focus.

7. For anxiety or stress take Rescue Remedy. Four drops under your tongue any time you feel you need it. Many people stand behind this homeopathic treatment. There is even a version for your pet.

8. Plan for lifelong success. I recommend The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra and watch the DVD The Secret. Visualize your life just as you want it to be, imagine how it feels to achieve your goals every night before you go to sleep and wonderful things may happen to you.

9. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation only by those of legal drinking age because it is harmful to your brain and liver when consumed in excess. New research shows it can also increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer. The current recommended guidelines for the intake of alcohol are a maximum of 4 drinks per week for women and 7 for men (not all in one night). Should you choose to consume alcohol, always take a B complex high in folic acid before and after consumption. This will help to reduce the negative effects of alcohol on your body.

10. Take one pack of clear essentials – morning daily. This simple task will maintain your immunity and provide all of the essential nutrients for your health including 1000 IU of vitamin D3; the top-rated high potency multivitamin; mixed vitamin E for antioxidant protection; and calcium magnesium for bone health. Vitamin D also helps to prevent cancer, diabetes, colds and flu’s and the winter blues.