Take the Clean Makeup Challenge

This month, the lovely ladies — Alexandra Spunt and Siobhan O’Connor — over at No More Dirty Looks are challenging women to keep their faces clean with the Clean Makeup Challenge. They’re trying to encourage women to ditch their dirty, chemical-laden cosmetics and go all-out with natural products.

Q: What is the clean makeup challenge?

Alexandra: All we’re asking is women put on their going-out face — whatever that is for them — using natural makeup. Then we want them to send us a picture of their look. It’s that easy.

Of course, we’d love to see some makeup risk-taking (bold eyes or crazy lips), but it’s not required for eligibility.

Q: What’s the point?

Alexandra: Women who are new to clean beauty often doubt they’ll be able to get the same results they’re used to with natural makeup. But they can! We thought this contest would be a great way to show how high-performance natural products can be.

Aside from some occasional exceptions — waterproof mascara or our favourite Chanel red lipstick — we both use entirely clean makeup… We prefer it to our old stuff.

Q: What counts as “clean” makeup and how can we find it when we shop?

Siobhan: Conventional makeup is loaded with ingredients that may not be the best for us — things like silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrance, chemicals derived from non-renewable oil. In our book, we list 20-odd ingredients that should be avoided at all times — you’ll find a lot of them in makeup.

Of course, we don’t insist people go out and buy a bunch of new makeup just to do the challenge: We’re asking people to do the best they can with what they have.

Q: What kind of challenge results are you hoping for?

Siobhan: A gallery of real women who look gorgeous using all-natural products! We’ve already received some photos and they’re so fun! People mistakenly think being green or going non-toxic is about deprivation, but that’s never been the case.

We like to be girly and have fun — but we like to do so safely and with a conscience. There was a time when the only natural lipstick you could find was at the health food store in an unflattering shade. Our challenge will prove that’s no longer the case.

A Quick Review by Editor:

I changed everything in my house over to the most natural I could find,and I don’t miss a thing.I use only natural makeup products as well.Burt’s Bee products line my bathroom cupboard.Everything from body scrub,shampoo,body lotion,day cream,night cream,eye serum,as well as sunscreen,bar soap,and lip gloss.

For my hairspray I found Aveda to be as close to all natural as possible.My makeup apart from Burt’s bee lip gloss includes all natural mineral bronze,and highlighter.I would love to hear of other cosmetics that are totally natural and non-toxic.This is the year I detox my home entirely,and that includes makeup.I am interested in any makeup products that are all natural and non toxic,including eye shadow,eye liner,mascara,highlighter etc.