Spray Tan Tips

Everyone loves a beautiful, glowing tan, especially in the warmer months. But not everyone enjoys spending hours under the harsh sun, who’s rays can damage and irritate skin. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Spray tanning gives you all the benefits of real sun bathing, without any of the negative side effects.


spray tan benefitsArguably the biggest benefit to spray tanning are the health benefits. Sun bathing has been proven to raise the risk of illnesses like skin cancer and melanoma. Even for those not at risk, the sun can cause major damage through burns that leave scarring and cause lifelong side effects. The sun can even just dry out your skin, giving it an unseemly pallor, the exact opposite of what most people are trying to achieve when tanning. Skip the health risks and consider spray tanning instead, which is a risk free alternative with incredibly natural results.

Spray tanning also gives the benefit of a smooth, consistent color all over. When tanning on the beach or at a pool, you open yourself up to strange tan lines, as you constantly have to shift and turn to achieve an even look. With a spray tan, all of the guess work is taken out of it. You have control over what level of shade you want, and the color is applied all over in thin, even strokes. The end result is a tan that actually looks better than one achieved from the sun. Plus, the effect is instantaneous–you don’t have to wait for the color to develop like you would with a sun tan.

And of course, spray tanning allows you to keep up your tan all year long, no matter what the weather. For sun bathers, tanning can only be achieved in the warmer months. And even then, only on days with clear weather. By using spray tans, you can have beautiful color in January through December. And there’s no need to worry about the weather. Even on the stormiest day of the year, you can pop into a shop and get the exact color you desire.

Spray tanning has a long list of benefits over sun tanning. Luckily, the results are easy to try out for yourself–just make an appointment today! Give it a shot and you won’t look back. Friends and family are sure to be asking what the secret is to your beautiful, healthy glow in no time.


Preparing for Your Spray  Tan

It helps to know some things about the salon, such as getting tips on what to wear. The use of spray tanning products is improving with time, especially when professional guidance is administered and the problems involved are eliminated.

It is important before you take a tanning  session to inquire from your therapist the tanning solution they use and also it is vital to know from them if their tan requires you to wear a barrier cream on your hand and feet. Tanning solutions that would require you to wear a barrier cream on your hands and feet is indicative that either one, the tan is likely to catch on dry areas which means you might end up with patchy knees and elbows and it will be difficult to remove and will fade patchy, or two, your therapist may still not be very confident in her skills to do the spray. So they use the barrier cream to ensure that they do not spray the tan palms or making it too conspicuous on your feet. An outstanding spray tanner should be able to apply your tan flawlessly and swiftly.spray tan tips

Your intuition will probably help you evaluate if your therapist will do a perfect job by you assessing how they take you through the process demonstrating how well they comprehend the spray tanning process. It is essential to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before the process to ensure that you tanner has the best base to apply the product. Do not apply any body lotion or oil to the skin prior to your spray tan session. Having any oil or lotion on the skin will act as a barrier to the tan dissuading it from working efficiently.

Get rid of your make up prior to the spray tan. The makeup will also act as a barrier to the tan, compromising its efficiency. Having it applied on your make up will result in it not turning as dark as the rest of the body.

Tips on What to Wear

  • 1. Always wear something loose and dark to your therapist or always carry something to change into. Many tanning salons would provide you with disposable G-strings to put on. In case you prefer wearing your own just ensure the undergarment is made of cotton.
  • 2. Some people would prefer putting on swimming costumes which is okay but will leave behind tan lines. You should always wear the garment you most feel comfortable in. Most ladies do prefer to be topless and wearing a dark thong, while others feel more comfortable in a bikini.
  • 3. Care should be taken that the garment worn during the misting process should be dark. Even though the spray tanning solution will eventually wash out, the lighter clothing is susceptible to staining.
  • 4. Knowing what to wear after getting the tan is very crucial also. It is recommended that you dress in loose clothing, and preferably it shouldn’t be very light-colored. The spray tanning products do stick and it would be very hard to get rid of, and I’m quite sure you do not need any bronze pigments on your underwear.
  • 5. Loose dark clothing is recommended for wearing after the treatment since a tight garment will result to rub marks.
  • 6. Something else to avoid is socks and tight shoes but flip-flops are recommended instead during the developing process. For the next eight hours after the treatment you should not shower. Showering will not allow the tan to develop accordingly and this will lead to varying depth of the shade.
  • 7. When the tan is done you just need to relax and wait for it to build up nicely. It is recommended that you desist from excessive laborious activities or anything that might lead to sweating. Keep off baths and showers. You obviously do not want to damage the spray tan before it develops fully. Your therapist should advice adequately on how long it you should wait before taking a bath or the shower. Adhere to their counsel since different products require different development periods.
  • 8. Maintaining your spray tan will require you to moisturize at least once a day. Use of natural product is important since some ingredients may speed up the rate at which your tan fades. Chlorine too weakens your tan and I suppose for that reason you need to keep out of the swimming pool for a while. Detergents are another thing to avoid. So be careful when cleaning and doing your dishes.

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How Long Does it Last?

A typical spray tan will last anywhere from 5-14 days depending on a number of factors that you can control to make sure you get the most out of your tanning experience. There isn’t a simple answer to how long does it last, because every single person is unique and their skin will hold the tan for very different periods of time. While one person might lose their tan in 7 days no matter how hard they work to keep it another person could stay tan for two weeks without maintaining it at all. Instead of giving a simple answer I’ve decided to give some simple advice that anyone can use to increase their lasting time. There are 3 main factors such as whether or not you exfoliate your skin before getting the spray on tan, how often you shower after you’ve gotten the tan, and how well you moisturize your skin. If you do everything correctly it should look good for a couple weeks before you have to get another one.


Exfoliating your skin before getting a spray tan is one of the most important things you can do to lengthen the life of your tan. Exfoliating removes all the excess dry and dead skin cells so that your skin will absorb the tanning solution properly. When exfoliating you want to pay attention to the areas of your skin that tend to be the driest, like you elbows, knees, and heels. There are also certain products like a baiden mitten that are specifically designed to exfoliate your skin before you get a spray tan to make it last longer. Additionally, you should try to avoid exfoliating your skin after getting because you would be removing skin cells that got spray tanned only to have your body replace them with cells that have your natural skin tone.


You should shower before you exfoliate to ensure that you remove the maximum amount of dead skin cells before you go tanning, but afterwards how long should you wait to shower after getting a tan? The answer is that you should wait 8 hours to make your tan last longer, but you could shower as early as 5 hours after your tanning session. The quicker you shower the less time the spray tan has to work into your skin cells and produce color, so if you’re trying to increase the time you should shower after 8 hours. To make it last longer you should try to shower as little as possible, and when showering you will want to scrub your skin gently so that you don’t rub off the spray tan.

Moisturizing Your Skin

If you have dry skin, your skin cells are falling off at a much faster rate. Normally it’s okay to let this completely natural process continue, but if you are trying to maintain your spray tan for a longer period of time you want to keep your skin cells as long as possible. Proper moisturizing will keep your skin cells from falling off at a faster rate, which will in turn keep it looking good for a longer period of time. As you can see there is no simple answer to the question how long does it last, but with a few simple tricks you can make sure to get the most out of your spray tan and keep yourself looking tan for as long as possible.