Relieving Mirena Cramps

Are you using Mirena but are in need of assistance? Do you have aching pains or other negative response from Mirena? I will provide information here about places where you may go to get extra information about treatment at home. Doctors can cost hundreds of dollars and most of the time you can relieve these painful symptoms and issues by taking precautions at home. Mirena side effects are will cause sever pain so take these steps to lower the pain.

Mirena Cramping

Are you experiencing cramping pains in your body? Even though this is completely natural after insertion of Mirena, there are things that you can do to limit the pains. The cramps with Mirena are destined to stay for a few months because your body is fighting the IUD whereas you are keeping it in. Once your body accepts it, their will be much less pain. To fight the cramping with Mirena, follow these steps:

  • Drink water: This is the easiest solution. These cramps and athletic cramps are no different so water is your best treatment. When the IUD is in, you will require more water as your body is losing a lot of fluids as it is fighting the IUD. So drink water!
  • Drink energy drinks: Energy drinks have certain chemicals that work to stop cramps. Drinks such as Gatorade, Powerade, etc can assist in these issues majorly. They are affordable and taste good as well.
  • Eat bananas: Bananas are the most energy filled fruits. They have a mineral called electrolyte. Electrolyte is the only mineral in the world that minimizes cramps. Athletes are told to have two bananas a couple hours before their games. Women should eat a few bananas throughout the day as well because, one, it is healthy, and two, it will help the cramps.
  • Stretch: Do some exercise and major stretching. Warm up the body by taking a walk. Do not exert too much pressure on the body but a brisk walk is perfect. Once the body is warmed up to some pelvic stretch. You may watch this video for stretching tips:

  • Take medication: Ask your doctor for pain medication. Your doctor should have given you ideas on what kind of medication is right for you. Take those when assigned or whenever there is major pain. Medicine such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen are perfect for cramps.
  • Place a heating pad: Heat is important to stopping cramps. Applying a heat pad to the cramp area will relieve the pains immensely.

Even though cramps are painful they are absolutely normal. It is the body’s reaction to entering an IUD into your system. The body does not like it but just like other things it gets used to it. Mirena cramping requires patience and with IUD patience is a must. It will be painful but think about the benefits.