Red Wine: Can It Make You Thin?

Drinking and dieting: Can these two elements exist in harmony? Nobody wants a beer belly, and coolers and cocktails are just too full of sugar to be waistline-friendly. That’s why wine tends to be the drink of choice for those watching their waistline. But is this reputation justified?

It seems it is, at least in the case of red wine. Recent studies done at the University of Ulm in Germany have found that resveratrol — which comes from the skin of grapes and is one of the healthy compounds found in red wine — can prevent immature human fat cells from fully maturing. “Our findings open up the new perspective that resveratrol-induced intracellular pathways could be a target for prevention or treatment of obesity-associated endocrine and metabolic adverse effects,” the researchers said in the July issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Translation: Red wine can help protect you against obesity. In moderation, of course.

That’s not all it can do. A staple of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, red wine has long been known for having amazing benefits on cardiovascular health, and the findings of this study support that wholeheartedly. “The prevalence of cardiovascular disease is low in populations that consume large amounts of red wine,” said the researchers. “Moderate consumption of red wine provides cardiovascular protection, but the mechanisms that underlie this protection are unclear.”

Resveratrol, in case you’re wondering, has also been shown to offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Is there anything it can’t do?

All the same, it’s important to keep in mind that while resveratrol has some amazing health benefits, drinking alcohol isn’t always the best option for your health. In the short term, it causes headaches, nausea and a whole range of unpleasant side effects (as we all well know). In the long run, it can cause brain damage, liver damage and heart disease if not practiced in moderation. That’s why you might want to consider skipping the wine and going straight for the grapes.

Still, if you’re a drinker and this upcoming weekend calls for a few bevvies with friends, it’s possible that a glass of red wine might be your best bet health-wise. And with as little as 80 calories for a small glass, wine is certainly one of the more diet-friendly drinks out there.

Author by Martha Edwards

Editor’s Review:

I just love, adore wine! and my favorite and daily company at night is red dry wine. I drink daily one glass watching TV or during dinner. I never abuse and I do it more than years. I have already noticed that during winter seasons I lose weight – not because of exercises or diet. I really believe it is the wine.