Marijuana Names

Is it essential for you to know ‘what are the street names of marijuana’.  Sometimes your children might be talking and consuming marijuana in front of you. But just because you were unaware of the nicknames of weed, you might end up in remaining in the dark for long.

The slang terms for the dreadful product vary according to age groups and geographical location. No matter in what name you call marijuana, it is a drug and addictive by nature psychologically and physically. The treatment for weed addicts is difficult if they suffer from co-occurring mental disorders.

Popular Names

Some common slang names of marijuana include pot, weed, grass, dope, herb, reefer and Mary Jane. They are used by the people since decades and they have gained a high level of popularity.  Other popular names like skunk, boom, gangster, Aunt Mary are also common across youngsters.  Marijuana has a few general terms such as stinkweed, rope, hay, tobacco, blaze, nuggets and buds.

Across the World, What are the Nicknames?

Marijuana has various varieties and known to people in varied names.  Some street names originated from their geographical origin.  They are Homegrown, black Russian, hash, Maui Wowie, chronic, Panama Gold, Sinsemilla, Texas Tea and Acapulco gold.

In Specific Culture, What are the Nicknames?

Marijuana has some specific cultural names.  It depends upon your neighborhood and the part of the world you reside in.  Few names constitute

  • Pakalolo in Hawaii
  • Mota in Spain
  • Kif in North Africa
  • Ganja in Jamaica
  • Dagga in South Africa

The weed does not only have different names but have versatile uses. Normally people use to roll marijuana into a cigarette. Then it is known as bone, joint, nail and spliff.  Some people smoke it with the help of glass pipe or water pipe and it is known as bong.  Few people are in the habit of mixing the drug with the food and others brew it like tea and drink it.  Blunt is the popular form of smoking pot by rap and hip-hop.  Open the cigar, remove the tobaccos contents and replace marijuana stuff in it to smoke. This is called blunt.  When other drugs get mixed with weed, then the name changes accordingly. Happy sticks, wicky sticks, tical wets and dust are the names given to marijuana, when the blunt is dipped in PCP.  Blunt with the combination of crack/cocaine is popularly known as woo-woos, woolies and primos.  Thai stick is the name given to blunt and opium mixture.

Other New Ones Made Up

Ganja is also the name for it by middle aged folks who think they’re funny.

In the UK the current trendy name is “green”. Nice and simple but one of my favorite names for weed has to be is “African Gunji 69″ as quoted by Richard Prior in Stir Crazy.


If someone you love has got addicted to marijuana, then make them understand that there are several treatments and therapies available to cure the addiction.  Help them out as a true friend and aid them in getting rid of it as soon as possible. You can also read my another article “how long does weed stay in your system” and get additional information about it.