Magic Bullet Express

The Magic Bullet is one of those products you see advertised on TV late at night.  It looks neat, and you can get two for the price of one (for a limited time only, of course), but you really can’t be sure how well it works.  My wife and I got a Magic Bullet as a wedding present, and it works great.

Basically, the Magic Bullet is a souped-up blender with more power and less buttons.  Like many infomercial products, it comes with a ton of attachments.  With the Magic Bullet Express, you get two different blades (a cross blade for most of the work it will do, and a flat blade for various odd tasks like grinding coffee – yes, the Magic Bullet can even grind coffee), a large mixing cup and a small mixing cup, four “party mugs” that are basically large mixing cups with handles, four colored plastic rims to put over the lips of the mugs, two lids for storing ingredients or drinks in the mugs or cups, and two “shaker/steamer” lids with holes in them for either cooking or pouring.  You also get the Magic Bullet base, which is the blender itself, and a user manual that contains operating instructions, cleaning instructions, and even some sample recipes.

The Magic Bullet is simple to use.  Just fill one of the six cups with the ingredients you want to mix, screw one of the two blades onto the cup, flip it upside down and sit it on the base.  All you have to do to turn it on is press down – the Magic Bullet will blend and mix as long as you are pressing down, and as soon as you let go, it will stop.  The website claims that the Magic Bullet “does ANY job in 10 seconds… or less,” but if you have a job that takes a while, you can lock the cup into place by twisting it clockwise, and it will continue to blend automatically until you unlock it (twist it counter-clockwise).

Cleaning is easy, too.  Various pieces are dishwasher-safe (top rack only) but washing any of the cups, mugs, or blades by hand only takes a few seconds.  Unless you didn’t screw the blade on tight, there is no outside mess to clean up.

The only difference between the Magic Bullet and the Magic Bullet Express is that the Magic Bullet, in addition to everything listed above, comes with a blender kit and a juicer kit.  The complete Magic Bullet can be purchased from, where there is always some sort of special deal going on – right now it’s two complete Magic Bullets for $99.99 plus $39.98 shipping and handling.  If you just want the Magic Bullet Express, which is more than enough for most households, you can get it from many different websites; Target currently sells it for $54.99.