Exercises To Jump Higher

Athletes are constantly looking for effective jump higher exercises to do in order to increase their vertical jump.  There are an endless amount of exercises to jump higher that you can do but the hard part is figuring out which ones are the best.  Well, we are here to put you on the right track and finally show you how to jump higher and detail which exercises are the best.

The list below if just a brief one of some of the most effective exercises to jump higher that we have found.  There are many more you could be doing but this is a good place to start.

Exercises To Jump Higher

Weight Lifting – Lifting weights is a very effective way to increase your vertical.  Some people out there will tell you that weight lifting makes you slow.  That is completely false!  In order to jump higher you have to be able to lift your body weight into the air.  The stronger your muscles are the easier it is to get your body into the air.  So you need to be lifting weights.

However, there is a right and a wrong way to use weight training as jump higher exercises.  One big mistake athletes make is doing the wrong lifts and also doing those lifts incorrectly.  More on this later.

Plyometric Exercises – While weight lifting will make your muscles stronger, you also need to increase your quickness and fast twitch muscle fibers.  You can achieve this by doing plyometric exercises.  Plyometrics work on your quickness by increasing your fast twitch fibers.  Doing this will allow you to explode into the air fast and higher.  Plyometric exercises are some of the best jump higher exercises that you can do. There are many different kinds of plyometrics exercises that you can do to help increase your vertical jump.  Box jumps, one leg box jumps and lateral box jumps are a couple of the best to do.

Jumping Exercises – These should also be incorporated into your vertical jump workouts.  They are incredibly effective and will results in great gains in your vertical.

Squats – When doing squats you want to be focusing on doing lower reps with more weight.  You also want to always be sure you can barely finish your last rep and if the last rep is easy to finish then it is time to add more weight.  Make sure you protect your back when doing squats or even use a leg press machine to ease the strain on your back.

Calf Raises – Calf raises are an excellent exercises to jump higher since you calf muscles are a big factor in jumping.  Try doing one leg calf raises to really isolate the muscle and get more results.

Lunges – This is another great jump higher exercise and again should be done so that you can barely finish the last rep.  These can be done with dumbells doing one leg at a time.

What Specific Jump Higher Exercises Should You Do?

Like I mentioned before there is so many exercises to choice from it can be hard to pick out which ones are the best.  Well, when it comes to putting your jumping higher exercises together I also recommend that athletes let an expert do it for them.

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