Is Nursing Career Prospective

The health care industry is facing the problem of shortage of qualified nurses to serve the patients and the aged. The increasing costs are making the health care costlier than before. Providing the best care is possible only when there is sufficient skilled man power. With the increasing need for skilled nurses, there are many career opportunities in the nursing field for the interested people.

The latest equipments in the health care industry have made the duties of nurses simpler and easier. But at the same time, they demand more skills and efficiency in the work. In fact, the changes and developments in the technology are so significant that it requires almost redefining of the role of a nurse.

Technology has changed the face of nursing. Many duties of a nurse are now being done my machines. Automation has radically changed the duties of nurses. A nurse needs to learn how to use technology to provide the best care to the patients. For example, she or he needs to know how to read the most important readings on the monitor, how to adjust smart beds, how to enter the data and how to read the bar codes and prescriptions etc. The interactive voice systems, computer supported machinery have altered the skill set of a nurse at present. All these will support the nurses to offer more help and care to the patients.

The changing role of a nurse needs to be redefined regarding their roles and responsibilities at the hospitals. Nursing at present includes informing the patient’s condition to his relatives, maintaining the documents and processing the information. The latest developments in medical technology has not only made their job more refined and dignified but also more complex than before.

With the increasing demand for qualifies and trained nurses, it has led to judicious use of nurses in the hospitals. They are assigned to the cases that need them most. The other not so serious cases are looked after by the coordinators with the help and guidance of the nurses.

If the situation further worsens with lack of qualified and well trained nurses, only urgent cases will be given care in hospitals. It will lead to more number of out patients. However, the need for nurses will go up outside the hospitals. Nurses will be in demand for attending patients at home. It will be highly remunerative for those who can visit the patient at home and serve him.

The changes in the technology and the growing demand for nurses will attract more number of men also into the profession. It will also attract people from other ethnic groups to take up nursing jobs as opportunities are more and the job is more remunerative.

With the growing number of nurses there will be increasing number of students in the nursing schools and colleges. It will create many job opportunities in the teaching field as well. Those nurses who have put in years of experience in the nursing field can in teaching jobs where they can teach and train the prospective young nurses.

Retired nurses and experienced nurses can expect to become consultants for insurance companies and other related organizations. They can provide consultancy service to the people who need their experience. They can offer their support services for the aged and the sick if necessary. Their services will be more in demand in preventive medical care.

The latest trends in hospital care indicate that there will be more and more community health centers devoted to the members of that particular community. Naturally, there will be demand for community health care and population based health facilities. It will further create the need for experienced and good nurses.