Nursing School Entrance Exam

The Nursing Entrance Test is one of the biggest hurdles that an aspiring nursing student mist face. This is a standardized test applicable throughout the country which potential nurses must write prior to getting placed in the lengthy waiting list for admission to a nursing school. Even if the individual has passed all the criteria required for admission, there is no guarantee that he or she will get admission to a nursing school.

The exam has to be passed with the required passing grade, a ā€œCā€ at the minimum for placement on the wait list for admission to a nursing school. This is the most difficult test that an individual must pass. The key reason for this difficulty is that most of those that are appearing for the test are either not prepared or are over confident. Sadly, the literature that is available now, detailing the requirements for exams is woefully inadequate and fails to cover all the necessary details for it.

Many preparatory books are available for the plethora of exams that are required for gaining entrance into the health care field but they are inadequate for getting through this exam. Those who sit for the exam with the impression that it is just a review usually get a shock of their lives, because most of them do not remember the basic principles of mathematics and algebra. Some of the aspirants have been away from school for ages that they fare very poorly. Many students have never mastered mathematics to the level required for the test. The only solution to this problem is to provide the nursing aspirants with material that will ready them for the exam by informing them just what to expect and provide them with model test papers modeled exactly on the lines of the actual test.

The available guides are the Nursing Entrance Test Study Guide, the test guide and the study guide. Another condition is that an individual cannot appear for the test more than three times. If he/she fails three times he/she cannot appear for another test in the same institute. This is very frustrating to students who are on their last leg. They have to transfer to another nursing school and go through all the preparation once again and write the test once again. This makes their waiting period even longer than the usual two to three years. Some individuals go through a refresher mathematics course, but even this is not a guarantee that you will pass the exam as the refresher course now offered is insufficient to meet the needs of the entrance test.

To help potential nursing students to avoid these difficulties, the Nursing Entrance Test Study Guide has been evolved. This guide is a comprehensive review of the entrance test. It is modeled to reflect exactly the actual test. The test questions have to be answered at a speed of one question per minute. Though when practicing they can take a longer time. The guide includes a total tutorial in mathematics and reading skills that prepares the individual not only for passing the test but to pass it with the required grades for entering a nursing school. Each school has a different grade requirement for gaining admission in that particular institute.

The author of the guide is Dr. Nancy Lydia Kimmel, who has devoted substantial time and effort in ensuring that the individual is well prepared. Dr. Kimmel has been instrumental in helping potential students to overcome the greatest obstacle on their path to a nursing career; passing the exam at the first attempt.