How to Stock the Pantry when Preparing for Holiday Houseguests

One of the most important features of the holiday season is to spend time together with friends and family. These days, this often involves traveling or having house-guests, since many live far away from each other. To really enjoy the time with your house-guests, without stressing about what is missing in the house, it is best to prepare beforehand. Have your pantry well stocked before the guests arrive, and you can relax more. What things should you make sure to have at hand?


A variety of drinks is necessary. Alcoholic beverages play their part, but many like drinks without alcohol as well. Since these items do not expire quickly, whatever is left over after the holidays can be utilized at a later occasion. Fruit juices, sodas, drink-mixers. Think about what kind of food you are planning to serve, and get the appropriate wines. Or, simply get a supply of white and red wines, including the ones that are served with dessert. You will need whiskey and other after-dinner liquors, if you do not know what your guests like include a couple of different ones for choice.


While we all like eating food with fresh ingredients, having a stock of cans at home can really save your day. Vegetables, tomatoes, beans, tuna – all of these can be used to make a quick meal, any time of the day. Make sure you have a few things that vegetarians will eat, many people have stopped eating meat and fish.

Pasta and Rice

Stock up on pasta and rice, again these do not expire so it is better to have too much than not enough. Get a few different kinds of pasta, the whole meal will change depending on which one you cook. There are also ready-made bread mixes you can keep in your pantry, just mix with water and you will have fresh bread. Great to use on the days when all the shops are closed. A couple of bags of ready-made risotto could give a nice back-up for a meal.

Breakfast Items

People like different things in the morning. Unless you know your guests well, get a few things to choose from. Some different kinds of tea and coffee, including decaffeinated alternatives. Biscuits and cakes, cornflakes or other cereals. Having a stock of long-term milk is also good, in case you run out of fresh milk.

Having house-guests is great fun. But unless you are well prepared, you could get stressed. Feeding a lot of people takes effort. By making a list and stocking up your pantry before they arrive, you can welcome them with more confidence.