How to Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast

Some of the things that people think about is the double chin look fatter, older and less healthy and less fit in appearance. This leads to lack of confidence. Therefore in this article I will describe the things to be aware of losing double chins.

The NO BS Truth About How to Rid Yourself Of A Double Chin

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about how to lose chin fat.  Let’s take a look at some of these myths:

Myth #1:  “Doing some facial or more specifically neck or chin exercises might reduce your double chin.” Some websites have stated that if ‘Press your palm to your forehead for 10 seconds while resisting with your head and neck that these exercises will ‘tighten’ your neck muscles and reduce face fat.

The Truth: While doing isometric neck exercises might have some benefit in strengthening your neck muscles it will NOT actually get rid of your double chins in any way.  The idea of spot reducing has been proven untrue years ago (you can’t lose fat from specific areas on your body by doing exercises in that area).  Lots of people think that doing abdominal exercises help you lose fat in that area.  That is untrue to.  The only way to lose fat from your entire body is to reduce calorie intake and increase calorie expenditure.

Myth #2: “Slapping Under the Chin With the Back Of Your Hand Will Help Get Rid Of Double Chin.” The first time I read this I laughed out loud.  No my friend, slapping yourself under the chin will NOT help you get rid of your chin contrary to what some people will try to have you believe.  You would be better off fixing up a healthy meal of lean proteins, fresh veggies, or getting a full body weight lifting or cardio workout.  Either would have more benefit.  You see you must lose fat from your entire body in order to remove your double chin and lose fat from your face.

Remember, you lose face fat the same way you lose any other fat on your body – by establishing a caloric deficit through nutrition and exercise. The good news is, many people notice that the face is actually one of the first places the fat starts to disappear.

But beyond these few tips, there’s not much more you can do… To some degree, lean body = lean face (or smaller boobs!), and the leaner your body, the leaner your face. If you really want to rid yourself of your chin fat then you  have to find a happy medium and keep health in mind above all else, because in our quest to get “leaner face,” our self image can sometimes get a bit distorted.

Tips To Help You Get Rid Of It

Here are seven things you do to start chipping away at the Double Chins:

1. Improve your nutrition and Watch what you eat

If you want to lose a double chin you are going to have to improve what you jam in your mouth.  By monitoring and regulating your caloric intake is the most effective means of removing it. Science has proven that processing calories is what causes the body to age the most, and the fewer calories you consume the less fat you will find on your face.

Improving the quality of your food intake, reducing the quantity of calories you eat each day, and eating more nutrient rich, low calorie food you will be well on your way to reducing your chin fat.

2. Drinking a Lot Water

The second thing is to drink a lot of water. And don’t forget to avoid drinking sodas and sugary drinks since they will not only affect the health of the skin, but also the health of the overall body.

3. Weight Training

Lifting weights is a key piece of the puzzle in ridding yourself of your double chin.  Resistance training will tighten your muscles, increase your metabolism, and burn more calories.  By lifting weights 3-4 days per week, progressively increasing the resistance, you will mold and shape your body like a sculptor shaping clay.

4. Keep Your Right Posture

Keeping a good posture is also truly helpful, sit up straight and hold hold your head high above your shoulders with your jaw slightly jutted throughout the day.

5. Isometric Exercises

Although performing Isometric neck exercises can’t reduce your double chins directly, these workouts are still good for the weight loss of your entire body. Place your left/right hand on your forehead. Push your head forward while providing resistance with your hand. Repeat the isometric exercise for some time between 8 to 10 seconds and it will do work after you perform this isometric exercise 3-5 times.

6. Cardiovascular Exercise

By doing cardio and exercising your body you will help yourself get rid of your double chins. Exercise burns calories and this will help you get into a caloric deficit which will in turn help make your face smaller and rid your chin fat.

7. Exercise your Face

To do facial exercises will be helpful too. There are about 56 facial muscles. You do this exercise to be more toned facial muscles and can get rid of a double chin or below the face area. Lift your chin or elevated, while the lower lip more removed, hold for five seconds, repeat this exercise thirty times a day. Until you feel stronger chin area.

Things That Must be Considered to Support The Success

The important thing you should notice is to lose weight. Excess body will store more fat, in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, face and chin area. A person who is overweight and obese will experience complaints on the body, such as feeling unwell, disturbed digestion, headaches and others. It is therefore safer way is with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Exercise such as walking in the morning for 30 minutes, will help reduce weight. You can also do a light jog, jogging, swimming, or a fitness workout. Thus not only eliminate your chin fat, but it will also help keep your posture.

Daily activities that expend energy will help reduce weight. So you try in a day there are activities undertaken. Besides the more effective your diet is balanced. Eat fibrous foods such as fruits, vegetables, and low-fat meat foods. This is in addition to helping facilitate the digestive process, you will begin to get rid of the chin fat. Reduce the intake of calories in the body, such as avoiding fatty foods, sugar, and rice. If you want to eat rice remember to eat brown rice because it is rich in fiber. Another suggestion is to eat nuts, if you feel hungry, where nuts are processed much longer in the body so it can withstand hunger.