How to Get Rid of Back Fat In Two Weeks

Back fat is one of the toughest areas to target when it comes to getting back in shape. Although, it is a difficult task, there are some tried-and-tested steps you can use to tone up and slim down that area between your back-side and shoulder blades!

When most people set a weight loss goal, it never seems to happen fast enough. However, there are ways to get rid of back fat – as well as fat on other areas of the body in two weeks. It takes plenty of hard work and self-discipline but it can be accomplished. Consult a physician before beginning a regimented exercise program and restricted diet.

5 Steps on Getting Rid Of Your Back Fat

Step 1

Play the numbers game for how to reduce your back fat. One pound of body fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. To lose 1 lb a week, you have to have a deficit of 500 calories every day. To lose 2 lbs, subtract 1000 calories daily. The most you want to lose in two weeks is 4 lbs as anymore may compromise your health. This is achieved through a healthy diet in conjunction with a rigorous exercise program.

Step 2

Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. Forget the notion of eating three large meals per day. Eating five or six smaller meals helps regulate blood glucose levels, inhibits cortisol production, suppresses appetite and keeps your metabolism revved up throughout the day. Also, consume nutrient dense foods that are low in calories, sugar and sodium.

Step 3

Burn excess back fat with aerobic exercise. This can be any activity you enjoy such as kickboxing, swimming, dancing, jogging, elliptical training and bicycling. Aerobic exercise is essential to getting rid of back fat over a two week time span. Aim for at least 60 to 90 minutes of cardio, five days per week.

Step 4

Increase calorie burning power with interval training. This is where you sharply increase your heart rate then lower it quickly. It can be accomplished with any cardio exercises or mix of activities. You could bicycle on a hilly route where you work hard to climb the hill then coast down. If you like to jog, you can run for three minutes then walk for three. This cycle should continue for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 5

Incorporate strength training into any weight loss regimen. If you want to rid yourself of back fat in two weeks, you must include specific exercises that strengthen back muscles. Increasing muscle mass will raise your resting metabolic rate and give your back a leaner appearance. Pick exercises like Pull-ups, Bent-Over Rows and dead-lifts to work all of your major muscle groups in your back. If you need more detailed instruction on exercises, Click HERE to be taken to the exercise page.

There you go, 5 Steps to help you lose body fat in as little as two weeks. A little heads-up before you start, the hardest part you’re probably going to face is following a diet. It’s essential that you have a sound diet to follow.

Here Some Simple Strategies on Losing Back Fat

The first thing to know is – there are no magic potions that can help you. It all sums up to lifestyle changes, diet and exercise. Although this will involve effort on your part, if you follow a good diet and weight loss program, you can make things that much easier for yourself.

1. Lifestyle changes

Sufficient Sleep
Getting sufficient amount of sleep is the key when it comes to losing weight, especially, the weight on your back and the abdomen. When you don’t rest enough it causes stress on your body and brain, so, make sure you sleep for 7-8 hours every night to feel energetic.

Make sure that the environment in which you are sleeping is sleep-friendly (quiet, sufficiently warm and dark). Why not try setting a schedule for sleeping?

More Water
Drink enough water throughout the day and not all at once. Drink a big glass of water the first thing in the morning when you wake up. Purchase a water bottle (1 liter) and fill it up 4 times in a day to reach your daily water-intake.

Staying well-hydrated also makes sure that you eat enough and never more than what you really need. Water, actually, fills you up and keeps you away from unhealthy snacking (but your trips to the restroom will increase).

2. Diet

Count Your Calories
When it comes to losing your fat on back, you must pay attention to your diet, else you might just end up walking up the down escalator! Educate yourself on how many calories does a fruit contain, or a sandwich contains, etc.

It is just a one-time thing and it will help you a lot in staying on your daily calorie limit. 2000-2500 calories should be fine WHEN you are into exercising daily. Well, you can also do a bit of math here. By cutting 500 calories a day you will lose a pound of weight every week.

Make Fruit Your Fast Food

Making fruit your fast food is THE solution to all cravings and urges to just put something in your mouth so that you don’t put your hands on that cookie! If a single fruit does not make you full, eat more! That’s the magic of fruit, you can eat AS MANY as you want.

Fruits are great for your body and have many more benefits than just helping you lose weight from different parts of your body. There are so many different fruits to choose from, so you can have many different types in your diet and benefit from the vitamins and nutrients that they provide.

3. Exercise

You work for it, and you get it; simple as that. Understand that there is a reason behind why people have that weight on their back and the stomach area. These areas of the body are not “used” much. So, you need to do certain exercises to tone-up these areas and lose the accumulated fat before it becomes worse.

Walking, running, jogging, biking, swimming, and so on, are the cardio exercises that will give your workout a great start, but don’t stop there. Do cardio for about 40 minutes 5-6 times a week. Plank drops are a basic exercise that works out your back muscles.

Buy dumbbells try different hand and back exercises at home. Start with weights you are comfortable with. Or, simply join a gym and let your trainer know your goal so that he/she can help you target your back fat.

These are just some of the many effective things you can do to start losing that fat from your back, and other areas of your body too. The biggest key for how to lose back fat is to find something that you will stick to. You need to be goal oriented for a few weeks so you can get the shapely, toned back you want, right?  So keep at it!