How To Get Rid Of A Stye

Do you need a stye cure? Well you came to the right place because I have a lot of information for you about it. Styes are one of the most painful eye problems that anyone can get. unfortunately, they are a pretty common issue for some people who get them all the time. Some people only get a single stye while others get them continuously Which can affect their everyday life.

What is a Stye?

It is a bump that develops on your eyelid. Your eyelid oil glands become clogged from excess oil, things that get in your eyes, and from nasty bacteria. Styes can also be brought on by stress. Some times it takes awhile for a stye to go away. Some people have to go to the doctors to get medicine to relieve the pain and then there’s you looking for home remedies to cure styes in your eye. That’s why I’m here to help you get rid of the eye stye.

To understand styes further, you have to know it is an infection of the eyelash follicle or the oil gland. People that are constantly exposed to tiny particles in the air will likely be susceptible to developing a clogged oil gland or hair follicle on the eyelid. This means if you work in a career that constantly exposes to airborne particles like plastering, sanding or possibly gardening, you will need to wear protective goggles to prevent you from developing stye eye. You will not only prevent them from developing, but you can also cause the eye infection to go away by wearing goggles when you are working.

When a person gets a stye, it is very possible you can receive them for a period of weeks until they all have developed on your eyes. This is normally caused by an infection that has spread to other parts of the eye. It is also possible to spread sties to other parts of the eye from using makeup. If this happens, a person should automatically throw the makeup away.

Symptoms and Signs

A stye is defined as being a red, painful, swollen, cyst-like bump of the eyelid caused by a localized inflammatory process. It can typically last from anywhere between a few days up to a month. It all depends on the individual and if the person implements an effective stye treatment. Here are a few symptoms as below:

  • 1. A pimple like lump on the top or bottom of your eyelid.
  • 2. You will have swelling of the eyelid.
  • 3. Very bad pain of the eyelid.
  • 4. Redness of the eye.
  • 5. Your eye will be Tender to touch.
  • 6. when you wake up in the morning there will be crusting of the eyelid margins.
  • 7. Burning in the eye.
  • 8. There will be droopiness of the eyelid when it starts to swell.
  • 9. Scratchy sensation on the eyeball that kinda fells like sand in your eye.
  • 10. Your vision will get blurred.
  • 11. There will be mucous discharge in the eye that will turn into crust when your sleeping.

To Get Rid Of An Eye Stye – Do You Go For Medications Or Natural Remedies?

In spite of the presence of effective medications, natural remedies can still be regarded as an eye stye treatment. This addition is, in fact, an advantage because it gives patients an additional option on how to treat an eye stye. However, the most popular method is still consulting a doctor or an ophthalmologist to be specific.

At here, the discussion will be on the two types of treatments. This is to give patients options, and the freedom to determine which one works better.

The Use of Medications for Eye Stye Treatment

Normally, stye is believed to be self healing, which means it can disappear on its own after a few days. However, there are instances that it may recur or happen again. When this happens, the best eye stye treatment is the intake of oral antibiotic or the use of local antibiotic ointment.

If an eye stye needs to be drained, a minor surgery is performed by an ophthalmologist. A local anesthesia is given to a patient in order to open it and remove the contents. After a few days, the eyelid immediately heals.

There are also cases when ophthalmologists inject anti-inflammatory directly on the infected area. This is to remove swelling quickly and effectively.

Helpful Home Remedies For Eye Stye That Actually Work

Aside from medication and minor surgery, another effective treatment is the use of home or natural remedies. These are simple techniques performed without taking any medications and make use of things found at home.

1.  Just like a chalazion, for suffers to get rid of a stye eye, the best remedy is to apply warm compresses to the eye frequently. The sufferer should take a wash cloth and wet it with some running hot water. They should then squeeze the excess of water out the cloth and apply it to the eye. To get the best out of the warm compression, it should be applied to the eye at least ten minutes. The warm compression will help the sties burst and get the sufferer some relief. After applying warm compression to the eye, the carrier should begin to notice white heads forming on their eye. Once this happens, they should immediately be removed from the eyelid. Overall, the pus will be allowed to drain and leaving the sufferer with some relief of pain.

Follow the step:  Fill a small basin with warm water and soak a washcloth or a small towel. Wring out excess water and fold the cloth to an appropriate size. (Note — folding is essential as it keeps the warmth last longer.) Lie down, apply the cloth to infected eye and leave it on for ten minutes. Repeat.

2.  Drinking dandelion tea every meal is also effective for stye. This helps in killing the bacteria that cause styes.

3.  Aside from warm cloth, a warm tea bag can be used as an alternative. Tea bags are not only for getting rid of those nasty baggies, they are also good in helping relieve the stye under your eye (hey, that rhymes!). After using the tea bag for your drink, you can let it cool first and then leave it on the infected area. What make this effective are the tannic acids that help in shrinking the swollen eye.

Follow this step: Boil some teabags for five minutes then remove them. Let it cool for a while and when it is cool enough to touch, lie down and put it onto the infected area, just like a warm compress mentioned above

4.  The herbal solution is also known to elevate the effectiveness of doing eye compresses. This solution is made of acacia leaves and parsley boiled in water for 10 minutes. Once the solution is cold, dip a clean washcloth and apply it to the stye.

5. Getting Rid of Styes Through Cleansing With Soap and Water. This is only for styes on the eyelid area. Wash and scrub it gently with a mild soap and water. Do this with eyes closed to prevent injuries though.

6. Styes Removal Through Antibacterial Eye Drops and Creams. There are some over the counter eye drops and ointments which you can apply to the infected area to hasten up the healing process. Check with your doctor before you use them!

It is good to know that patients now have several options in treating an eye stye. With such, a stye treatment will always be available to all.

How Do I Get Rid Of A Stye – Personal Experience

Many people will offer wild stories about effective eye stye treatment. You’ll hear things like “scratch the affected stye”; “disguise the stye with some sort of makeup” or the worse suggestion ever—“popping it”. None of these will make it better, far from it. But getting rid of that puss-filled bump on your eyelid is not as difficult as you may think. There are lots of things you can do as eye stye treatment that can get rid of it. Here is my case:

I recently had a case of stye or hordeolum (as I recently found out) and it was a really hard week for me. It was especially burdensome for me because I had to face clients wearing shades. Anyway, I researched over the internet on how to treat them at home and I found the simple steps on treating them at home.

Here are a few:

Using a warm compress to treat the stye has worked in the past for many people. This kind of treatment, if done properly, can cause the stye to go away much faster than usual. It can also prevent it from developing into something much worse. If you are a woman, and you wear makeup, it’s advisable to steer clear of these until the stye subsides. The last thing you want is to transfer that horrible bacteria onto your makeup applicators.

Another effective remedy is to apply pulp from the Aloe Vera leaf to the affected area. This combined with the warm compresses can do wonders for removing that stye.


The treatment for styes mainly consists of draining the pus. This is necessary when it is there for more than 2 weeks or there are recurrent styes. As it is mainly due to Staphylococcus aureus treatment with antibiotics like erythromycin will be effective. The pus will subside by itself or it may require medical assistance where in the physician will make a small incision to drain the pus.

On the other hand, styes can be prevented if you maintain your personal hygiene. You should also keep your eye cosmetics and tools clean and sterile. You should not share your eye tools or your contact lens with anyone. Also you should check if you have any refractive errors. Because if you have any uncorrected refractive errors, you may have a tendency to scratch your eyes repeatedly and this may be the cause for repeated infection and recurrent stye. Hence it is better to prevent the styes rather than to try for different treatments. But once you have a stye you need not panic as there are a lot of treatment options.