How to Cure Dry Cough

After suffering from a cold or flu it is common that a very non-productive cough might form.

The cough can be one of two types: wet or dry. A dry cough is an annoying, persistent dry, hoarse cough that does not cause any mucus of phlegm to be brought up.

Wet coughs are coughs that are bringing up some type of phlegm or mucus and although they can be just as persistent as dry coughs are considered “productive” because of the effect it has on the mucus or phlegm.

Dry coughs usually develop after the person has suffered from a cold or flu. While the most common symptom of dry cough is a dry, rough cough; there are other symptoms that are present with a dry cough.

Here is a list of symptoms and how to cure them.

Symptoms of Dry Cough

  • Dry Cough
  • Irritated Throat
  • Pain when Swallowing
  • Hoarseness of Voice
  • Changes in Taste Sensation

Sometimes a dry cough isn’t just the aftermath of a cold or flu it can be an indication that an infection has started in the throat area. If an infection is the cause of the dry cough, the above symptoms might be present as well as.


  • Wheezing in the chest area
  • Swelling or redness of the throat area
  • Laryngitis, or loss of voice

Many people believe that a dry cough can go away on its own. While that is occasionally the case, a dry cough can lead to other more severe complications.

These complications include damage to the vocal chords, which results in lower, hoarser voices and even damage to the throat area. Although these complications are a worst case scenario they can happen if the dry cough is left untreated.

Remedies for Dry Cough

There are many remedies that are out there that can treat a dry cough. Some include honey, milk, vinegar or steam use.

However, there is a little known home remedy that can be used to treat this condition: ginger. Ginger has a lot of healing qualities that are known to help sooth and relieve it.

Drinking a ginger flavored drink or juice won’t help the cough. Instead it is recommended that the cough sufferer use ginger root.

Cut it up into little chunks, sprinkle a bit a salt on top and chew and suck on the ginger root to extract the juice from the actual root.

The healing qualities of the ginger and the salt is believed to relieve the swelling associated with dry cough.