How Feng Shui Can Help You Have Better Sex

Yvonne K. Fulbright, who is an author of Sensual Fusion Essentials: Feng Shui for Your Sex Life, explains how to use Feng Shui to revitalize things in the bedroom.

Q: How can Feng Shui improve the quality of someone’s sex life?

A: At its core, Feng Shui is about the flow of energy, with its interruptions and enhancements affecting the part of your life associated with an area of your home. For example, Feng Shui can affect your sex life via your bedroom’s chi (energy). The bedroom is considered one of the most important rooms in a house since the average person spends about one-third of his or her life sleeping there — resting, refueling, and repairing.

An example of the impact of the energy quality on one’s sex life involves the fact that the bedroom’s energy impacts your sleep state, which in turn, impacts your waking hours. The energy that exists around us makes an impression on you as your body’s energy moves into a relaxed state, so you need to make sure that your bedroom is nurturing and loving. This will help you to be comfortable all night and, in turn, will impact your health and relationships.

If you want to enhance or strengthen a romantic connection, you need a bedroom that reflects everything you want in the relationship. This energy will be absorbed by your body and will shape your personal chi, helping you to draw in the same type of energy that you are sending out. So harnessing the power of Feng Shui can help you to:

  • Expel negativity and allow for good omens and energy.
  • Get your life back on track and in balanced order.
  • Master a long existence full of happiness, wealth and abundance.
  • Feel hope, empowering you to take charge and be proactive.

…all of which affect your sex life. As well, Feng Shui’s recommendations for the bedroom encourage relationship longevity and endurance, harmony and balance, fidelity, attraction and romance. All of these factors affect the quality of one’s sex life, whether it’s how lovers are relating to each other, how much they’re able to get in the mood, or how happy they feel together.

Q: Can you offer some specific tips for how Feng Shui can be used to improve sex?

A: In employing the following Feng Shui guidelines, you will be identifying the chi flow through your space, which will help you to see how pockets of energy are affecting your life and possibly acting as energy blocks. Sha chi or “killing energy” — e.g., triangular shapes in the bedroom — is a destructive energy since most things in nature don’t involve straight lines. Removing such objects improves the negative energy, which invites more positive energy in.

Remove anything that acts as an obstacle. It cannot be reiterated enough: use the bedroom only for sleeping and lovemaking. Organize your room around rest and intimacy. This means that:

  • Some prized possessions, like your flat screen, have got to go.
  • Any work-related materials are not allowed in this room, especially computers.
  • Power strip outlets need to be at least 6-8 feet from the circumference of the bed. Electromagnetic energy fields, from objects like your electric alarm clock, are believed to cause serious health and energy related problems.
  • Move any altar for a deceased spouse or sweetheart from this romance nest of your home. Keeping the ashes of a loved one in your boudoir isn’t a good idea as well.
  • Remove any altar to a deity that is across from, next to, or over your bed.
  • Treat yourself to a new mattress if the one you’re using is from a previous, failed marriage.

Q: Most people think that improved sex relates only to couples — do you think Feng Shui has any role in solo practices?

A: Feng Shui provides you with the tools to implement the life changes you wish to make. It needs to begin with you — as in solo. This is the room where you rest, refuel, repair and can relax. If the room nurturing and conveys love, then you’re giving that to your body, including during solo practices. If it’s full of clutter and chaos, then your body is susceptible to these energy drains as it sleeps.