Do you have an Alter Ego?

For about a month now, I’ve been on a personal journey to really get my karma in harmony, tie up some loose ends, and get a fresh perspective on things, just relax and be less uptight. I resigned from my dead end job at a staffing company and I have given myself the goal of December 31, to make definite progress in those objectives so that I can kick-start my energy level again. Since January of this year, I have just been sort of low on enthusiasm and haven’t really been as upbeat as I normally would be…you know excited & optimistic about my personal life as I would like. I just had a job interview on yesterday that seems very promising and I am excited about the opportunity. I sent my hand-written thank you note today, no delay, and my expectation is that I will to be starting work at this company soon.

The interview yesterday was my 7th interview this year, the most I have EVER gone on and not gotten an instant reply back as in, “Yes, we need you to work for our company. When can you start?” One of my more interesting job prospects this year was to work as an announcer for the local lottery drawing here in Georgia. I made it through 3 call backs, which I thought was quite impressive considering I have no tv experience, however, needless to say, I didn’t get the gig, so I am continuing on the conventional corporate path for the time being. Often times, I have to admit,I sometimes wonder, why do what I’ve always been doing? This afternoon, as I was driving to pick up my children from school, I saw a young lady walking from a very popular hair salon in my neighborhood.

She had purple hair, it was actually violet, a tiny diamond piercing in her nose and a really pretty tattoo on her upper left arm – – I think it was lotus flowers or something of that nature. I thought her hair was gorgeous – – ditto for her tattoo and her nose piercing. I had a violet colored streak in my hair in college, and I think tattoos are pretty and for whatever reason, I have often contemplated a nose piercing or a navel piercing, especially a navel piercing when I am really on my work out and feeling ultra sexy, don’t ask me why! If you saw me, however, I am totally NOT that way. I have long dark hair, that I wear parted in the middle, and it is past my shoulders; I wear it sort of full and with slight curl, and sometimes parted on the left side.

Whoopee! LOL As for my wardrobe, I mostly wear things that a corporate employee would wear. For instance, to my interview , I wore a black suit from Ann Taylor , a white blouse fitted, with french cuffs for flair , black round-toed pumps and a cute, over-sized bag. Very corporate. Very appropriate….but sometimes, I’d like to do things to shake up my routine, not be so “hum-drum”. I know the field I work in, expressing myself with violet hair and a nose piercing would not be the wisest fashion choice to make , so I do other things that express my “alter Ego”, but only I know it. That is why I sometimes have that “cheshire grin” people ask me about every now and again – – at least those that see past my exterior.

I once read that the entertainer, Beyonce, has an alter ego when she is on stage, that she has named Sasha. Sasha is her alter ego that we see when she is dancing, performing and in the zone. I am not sure that my alter ego has a name per se, however, I know the part of me that flirts at the gas station when I’m not with my children or goes to Houston’s and has a martini and sushi or even chills out in my room on my pretty fuschia leather couch with my scented candles burning , lounging just listening to my I-pod in my favorite peignor set, is not the everyday me. It’s just that I sometimes wonder… I want the two sides of my personality to be more in sync for all to know, or is it more alluring & mysterious of me to have those aspects of my personality under wraps for only a few to be privy to? What do you think? Is there always a part of ourselves that will be hidden to others? Share with me your thoughts.

Written by Mocha Mama