Cranberry for UTI

Everyone has heard of the common home remedy of cranberry for urinary tract infection relief. However, many people are not aware that cranberry products need to be used as a preventative measure. When you take steps to prevent the infection in the first place, you will feel better in the long run. If you suspect that you have a urinary tract infection, or UTI, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid lasting damage. Likewise, if you decide to start taking cranberry supplements to prevent future infections, check with your doctor to make sure they will not interact with any medicines you are already taking.

An Ounce of Prevention

You may be wondering what happens in your body when you use cranberry juice for urinary tract infection prevention. First off, you need to know that the most common cause of urinary tract infections in E. coli. This bacterium is found in your digestive tract and can invade your bladder. E. coli has very small projections that have a substance called lectin on their surface. Lectin is what causes the bacteria to stick to the bladder wall so effectively, and prevents it from easily being removed through the process of urination.

Fortunately, cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, which are chemicals that attach to the lectin on the small projections of the E. coli. These molecules also create a protective barrier in the bladder by filling up all of the places where bacteria can attach to the bladder wall. This means, when you use it for urinary tract infection prevention, that bacteria will not be able to attach to the bladder wall. When bacteria cannot attach to the bladder wall, it will not cause an infection and you will not experience the painful symptoms that are associated with a UTI.

Studies have also provided definitive evidence that using cranberry is good for preventing UTI. A year-long study in Canada focused on 150 women. Some of them used cranberry products, while others were given a placebo. The results showed that the women who used the cranberry tablets had a significantly lower rate of urinary tract infections than the women who were given the placebo. Researchers also found that using this juice was much less costly than using antibiotics. Another study found that women who took 400 mg capsules containing cranberry extract every day also had lower rates of infection. That just goes to show—an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure!

Should You Take it For Bladder

When people are experiencing bladder problems, one of the commonly recommended remedies is cranberry. This is a common practice among holistic and natural health practitioners and conventional doctors alike, showing that there is a definitely good idea for bladder health issues. It is going to be essential that you understand what this supplement is going to do for you so that you can best benefit from its use, and get the most out of its natural health benefits to prevent bladder problems as well as to tackle them when they do arise.

It is becoming an increasingly popular home remedy, not only for treating bladder infections but for preventing them as well. The cranberry, as small as it is, contains more than 200 different acids and other substances including citric acid and vitamin C. It is said that these acids might be capable of sterilizing urine through its acidification, but this long-standing theory has recently been disproven. Taking cranberry in very large dosages does not actually acidify the urine in such a manner that bacterial growth is slowed, and yet research continues to show that cranberry supplements are capable of preventing certain types of bacteria from adhering to cells within the urinary tract.

It is this prevention of bacterial adherence that is playing such an important role in the use of cranberry for bladder health issues. Supplementing this substance is a good idea if you have chronic bladder infections that you would like to prevent or if you are currently suffering from this condition and are looking to aid in its relief. Drinking cranberry juice can help, but the best way to improve your consumption for the purpose of good bladder health is to take a cranberry capsule, which contains a concentrated dosage of the cranberry and all of the good substances that it contains.

Supplementing natural substances in your health is a great way to prevent certain ailments from cropping up. It is a wise idea if you have chronic bladder infections, or if you are currently suffering from this infection that you would like to remedy at home. By preventing bacteria from adhering in the bladder you can remedy the infection on your own in many circumstances, which is why so many people recommend it for bladder health concerns.

Other Benefits – How Cranberries Benefit Your Health

Research has shown time and time again that a daily dose of cranberry benefits almost your entire body.  Cranberries benefit your teeth and gums, and as a result is beneficial to your heart. Proanthocyanidine is a compound found in cranberries that research shows prevents bacteria from binding to your teeth, thereby preventing the development of plaque and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is closely linked to heart disease. Therefore, using cranberries to keep your mouth healthy helps you to keep your heart healthy and prevents you from developing heart disease in the future. Although cranberry alone won’t prevent you from getting any cavities, cranberries coupled with good oral hygiene can make all the difference in the world.

A daily dose of cranberry benefits your stomach, helping you to prevent ulcers and cancer. It is effective at killing H. pylori, bacteria responsible for causing approximately 90 percent of stomach ulcers and is the culprit of some cases of stomach cancer. Whether or not it benefits currently existing stomach ulcers and cancer has not yet been determined. It is so far believed that the antibacterial properties of cranberry are enough to effectively kill ulcer-causing bacteria, but are not enough to stop the growth of cancerous cells without additional treatment.

You can experience the benefits by taking a single cranberry capsule each day. The capsules allow you to take a large dosage without drinking gallons of cranberry juice or eating a bushel of cranberries. These capsules are available over-the-counter and are easy to take. You can take them with or without food at any time of the day. Because these pills are completely natural, they are safe for almost everyone to take and have no reported side effects. Because of the numerous advantages available to you in one little pill, it is important that you remember to take it each day. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to take your cranberry pills at the same time as your other vitamins and supplements.