Baking Tips and Advice

I recently started a job as a kitchenhand at a dining hall. Since I’ve been working there, Ive learned ALOT about baking. Everything we make needs to be made in bulk due to the amount of poeple we serve each day. We make sheet cakes and cut them into slices, plate them, and then serve them.

When I first started getting into the baking portion of my job, I found it difficult to cut nice-looking pieces of cake. The frosting would stick to the knife along with cake crumbs and it ended up making the cake look messy. One day, we popped the cake [without the frosting] into the freezer for about an hour [after it cooled] just to see if it would help reduce the crumb-frosting mess when it was being cut. And it worked. You just need to have a bowl of HOT water handy to dip the knife into after a few slices to clean it up. This helped me so much; it was quicker and easier then just cutting a plain cake.

Another handy tip I learned, this one not from work but from my mother who worked in a 5 star restaurant for a while, is how to keep chocolate chips/raisins/nuts etc from sinking to the bottom of a cake/muffin/loaf/bread. You simply just roll whatever youre adding into the cake/muffin/loaf/bread in flour or cocoa powder [depending on your recipe. It helps keep the additional ingrediants from sinking to the bottom and helps your baked goods have more of an evenly- distributed flavour.