Blue Waffle Facts

blue waffle

Blue waffle disease is a top condition in the recent years that most women asked on internet. Firstly you should know the fact about this disease. Risky sexual behavior, large number of sexual partners, not using condoms during sexual intercourse increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, infections of genital organs and unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

A large number of children and young people, during the summer, replace their residence by sea resorts or similar destinations. When place of residence is changed so is the way of life. Leading public health problems of teenagers are connected with certain behaviors and habits, so you should remember the basic recommendations.

Proper nutrition is one of the prerequisites of health for preventing blue waffles. Diet should be based on the variety of foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, white meat and fish. They provide enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The daily amount of calcium will be provided from dairy products, fermented best. You should avoid fast high calorific meals without biologically valuable substances (so-called “dead food”), which young people like to eat. It is very important not to skip breakfast, which should provide 40 % of daily caloric value of the food and know that breakfast is not fattening, also note that the girls are “always” on a diet.