5 Ways Yoga Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Since becoming a yoga practitioner nine years ago, I’ve seen some significant changes in my life – transformations beyond belief. And one of the really great things I’ve noticed is a better sex life. I’m apparently not the only one who has experienced the true wonders of yoga; according to a recent article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, yogis are having better sex.

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, here are five ways yoga can help!

1. Focusing on the now
Yoga is a moving meditation; we bring our attention to our breath as we transition from pose to pose. This helps us diminish mental chatter, as we focus on the present moment. How often have you only thought about getting to the orgasm while having sex? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. As a result, many people have not been able to enjoy sex. Sex is about connecting to your partner and enjoying the process, you’re both on a sexual adventure together. Staying in the present moment as opposed to jumping to the future will allow you to do that.

2. Let Go of Negative Thoughts
Do you ever lose the mood during sex thinking how thick your thighs are or how big your butt is? I have and it really sours the experience I must say. With a steady yoga practice, we can learn to let go of negative thoughts about our physical appearance and gain more confidence and accept who we are right now.

3. Engage Pelvic Floor
In yoga, we engage our Mula Bandha (Root Lock). Mula Bandha is the act of engaging the pelvic floor by pulling it in and up towards the navel. We especially give our pelvic muscles a workout when we move into jumps or certain balances. Yoga helps develop strong pelvic floor muscles, which brings the potential of longer-lasting and stronger orgasms.

4. Relax
Key contributing factors to a strong libido are being relaxed and not feeling stressed. Research has found that yoga can increase feelings of relaxation and decrease muscle tension and anxiety. Deep breathing helps create space in our muscles and cells, which helps soften and relax every part of our body and gives us more energy. Being in a relaxed and calm state makes getting in the mood easier.

5. Form an Emotional Bond With Your Partner
Research suggests that practicing yoga stimulates your brain to produce the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the formation of emotional bonds and trust. Forming a strong connection with your partner in addition to other yoga benefits such as increased body awareness, confidence, energy and flexibility allows you and your partner to be more adventurous and playful, discovering new and exciting sexual positions.

Author: Michelle Uy is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Owner of LoveActionYoga.