5 Facial Exercises To Help You Look Younger

We live in an absurd world where people are willing to permanently freeze their faces with Botox just so they can look 10 years younger.

Also ridiculous, but less so than Botox are facial exercises.

These exercises won’t stop you from conveying emotion ever again and yet they can help maintain a younger appearance by toning muscles and improving skin elasticity.

It does require the dedication of a few minutes every day in order to see results. You should apply a moisturizer or mineral oil to the face and neck before doing the following workout.

1. Eye winks: Partially wink one eye at a time, hold the wink for a second and then repeat the movement 50 times for each eye. While this will not stop you from getting crow’s feat, it may help make the lines around your face less apparent.

2. Mouth stretches: Insert your index fingers part way on each side of the corner of your mouth and pull slightly, about a quarter of an inch. Hold the contraction for a second or two. Contract your mouth strong enough to force your index fingers closer together. Do this slowly about 25 times. This will strengthen the muscles around your mouth and can even make your lips fuller.

3. Chin raises: Subtly elevate the lower lip to the point where you can feel your chin wrinkle. Hold for a second. Next, not moving your head, strongly lower your chin and hold for a second. Do 10-12 repetitions. This works the muscles in your chin and face causing them to look more firm and helping to ward off the dreaded “turkey neck” that comes with age.

4. Neck extensions: Tilt your head back until fully extended while touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Finally, bring your chin towards your neck while still holding your tongue against the top of your mouth. The motion is similar to looking up and then looking down. You should feel a tightness under your chin and in the front of your neck. This helps reduce lines and flabby skin in the neck area where aging is often most prominent.

5. Scalp exercises: First, raise and lower your eyebrows. That should be easy enough. Second (here’s the hard part), try to pull back your ears, contracting the muscles in the back of your head (some find this easier to do lying on their backs). It’s kind of like wiggling your ears. If you touch the two occipitalis muscles that stick out at the back of your head slightly above your ears, you’ll feel them move. Don’t worry about reps, just do this exercise for a few minutes and apparently over time it works miracles on preventing those unfortunate horizontal worry lines that so often appear on foreheads.

Source: See Shape Your Face for accompanying images.